Plant and Equipment

Our shredder is designed to extract the metallic content , both ferrous and non ferrous from the input material and this is achieved through a series of Magnets,eddy currents and non ferrous separation systems. By 2015 95% of material going into the shredder will be recycled.



Our lynxs TMR 270 x 270 with its 4000HP main drive is capable of producing 500mt of shredded scrap in a 8 hour day. This is from a typical input of baled scrap and light iron.


Lefort Shear

Our mobile shear is remotely operated and processes oversize material of a structural nature and can produce over 100 tonnes per day.



Our modern fleet of vehicles includes articulated bulkers all with sleep cabs Rolonof skip lorries, general skip lorries and a flat bed tipper. All of our vehicles are fitted with a tracker system.



Our Birim Makena remotely operated baler process 4C bales and baled steel cans to size 400 x 400mm and variable.



Our modern fleet of cranes in the yard support the production processes and the loading of ships and containers. These include tine grabs and electro magnets. We are capable of lifting 10 tonnes in a single lift.


ELV Depollutant Centre

Our ELV centre is built to depollute scrap vehicles of oils, fuels, batteries brake fluids etc. prior to the vehicle being shredded.