What we buy

We will buy all types of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap arisings. We handle large contracts negotiated annually and are always looking to increase our volumes. We will price  demolition contracts and also tender for on-going production factory contracts.

3 images of different scrap types
Tin cans

We operate a mobile car press which covers Scotland and the North of England. The car press will bale your scrap cars making transport more economical.


We collect and receive steel cans from a variety of councils and commercial suppliers throughout the country. These are then baled and exported for melting.


We buy and can collect all types of Ferrous Scrap including products, demolition and general scrap arising from a variety of processes.


Non Ferrous Scrap, including all types of non-ferrous metals, aluminium, copper and brass, which can all be collected by us from site.